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The iPhone 5 has Arrived: Is It Worth It To Shift from 4S?

By Henry Conrad
So the iPhone 5 has made its touchdown. Avid fans of the Apple smartphone will be lining up to get a crack at this latest version. But for the current owners of the last iPhone upgrade in the 4S, is it worth it to shift to the iPhone 5?

The 4S felt like it just gave incremental changes and solved a few concerns that were encountered from the iPhone 4, which is why it is understandable that people are expectant of major upgrades to the iPhone 5.

So let us take a look at what changes we can expect from the iPhone’s latest variation:

So yeah this new iPhone definitely looks different. It looks bigger and smaller at the same time. It looks bigger because it is now slightly taller than any previous models and features a 4-inch screen. But it also looks smaller because this is probably the thinnest smartphone right now at just 7.6mm thick.
So it is thinner and taller, but what you will love the most is its aluminum finish that gives it a more sophisticated look compared to the glass finish of past iPhones.
In terms of the screen, it is definitely an upgrade at 1136 x 640resolution with a pixel density of 326ppi.

Apple also gave the camera a slight upgrade as it bumped up the capabilities of the rear camera, and made it smaller but enhanced by the new chip that will be discussed later. The front facing camera was also bumped to 720p. Overall, the camera is better but the changes are not exactly earth-shattering.

This is where you ask if the change is really worth it. The iPhone 5 boasts of their new A6 chip, which is significantly smaller than the A5 but packs more CPU and GPU for more power on your phone. And the effect is pretty obvious once you use the new iPhone 5.
The constant criticism about the iPhone 4, and to some extent the 4S, is that it feels like there is always a moment when it is lagging even with the simplest of tasks. That is not a problem with the new iPhone 5. Despite the lag, using the iPhone 4 and 4s has always been smooth. But with the iPhone 5, you have the smoothness with an added snap. It reacts faster, and much smoother compared to its previous incarnations.
The new iOS6 also integrates with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter better compared to the iOS5. Aside from that, the new OS has some nifty improvements especially on Maps, now that they ended their use of Google Maps and are now in partnership with Tom Tom. The 3D renders of its Map are a sight to behold.
Siri also got a much needed bit of an upgrade in the new iOS6. The personal assistant feature can now pick up voice commands better even with background noises. But that can also be because of the new mic of the phone. I’ve used it to make a call using the downloaded RingCentral app and the call quality was ridiculously clear.

Battery life
Have not fully tested its battery life but if what Apple say is true, then it can be the factor that sways customers to buy it instead of Samsung S3 or HTC One X. Their claim is that it can provide up to 8 hours 3G/LTE talk time or 10 hours of heavy browsing with WiFi.

So is it worth the trade from 4S? Probably not, but if you still using iPhone 4, then this phone might be for you. There are a lot of improvements but nothing that really stands out.

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