Blu Ray Ripping on Fedora 18

After doing so searching on Blu Ray ripping on Linux I found that no one seemed to have a good how to for Blu Ray Ripping on Fedora 18. I also was not finding a method that worked consistently for free, or close to free. I found a great piece of software called MakeMKV.  I was able to get Blu Ray ripping working fast and easy.

MakeMKV is free to try for 30 days, after that the ask for 50$ for the purchase. I really think this is a good buy. It was one of the better programs I have found for Blu Ray ripping and they support Linux.

Here are the easy staps to get MakeMKV set up and running on Fedora 18. First I would go through the Fedora 18 Tips and Tricks and get all your codecs installed.

Now follow this how to:

1. Install all the software that is required to build MakeMKV on Fedora 18.

Become SuperUser


yum update


yum groupinstall "Development Tools"


yum install openssl-devel qt4-devel expat-devel

2. Dowload the Makemkv programs which comes in 2 parts.

3. Unpack the downloads.

tar -zxvf makemkv-bin-1.7.10.tar.gz

tar -zxvf makemkv-oss-1.7.10.tar.gz

4. Build the software.

cd makemkv-bin-1.7.10

make -f makefile.linux

su -c 'make -f makefile.linux install'

Repeat for the other directory.

cd makemkv-oss-1.7.10

make -f makefile.linux

su -c 'make -f makefile.linux install'

5. Start the program by typing:


There you go. MakeMKV should be up and running.


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