How to Clear your Flash Cache

If you use your computer for web browsing and for watching Flash content. There is a good chance you have a lot of flash information cached on your machine. This can cause you not to see updates on flash enabled sites. Just cleaning out your web cache is not enough, your Flash Media Cache can still have information in it. Here is how to clean out your Flash Cache:

Point your browser to:

You should see a screen like this:

Now click on the site you want to want to clean up and click on Delete Website, or you can just click on Delete all sites.

You are all set to get the new version of the flash video or flash game you were looking for.

Thanks to the team at for the tip.


Install Handbrake on Ubuntu 10.04

Handbrake is a great DVD ripper. Unfortunately the version on the Handbrake website is not working. Here is a ubuntu how to  for installing Handbrake on Ubuntu 10.04.

First we need to get DVD playback enabled:

sudo aptitude install ubuntu-restricted-extras
sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/

Next we need to add the PPA for the Handbrake Snapshots:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stebbins/handbrake-snapshots

Your system will now fetch the PPA’s key. This enables your Ubuntu system to verify that the packages in the PPA have not been interfered with since they were built.

Then do and update of the Apt repos lists:

sudo apt-get update

Next you need to install the software. Use the Ubuntu Software Center to install Handbrake. Do a search for Handbrake and install the GTK GUI.

After it installs you should have Handbrake working in Ubuntu 10.04.

Now Start Ripping!

Protect your Flex/Flash (SWF) files with encryption

If you develop for the web using Adobe Flex or Flash technologies, your end product is a SWF file that is run in the browser with the Adobe Flash Player.  This allows the development of rich internet applications (RIA) with very dynamic interfaces.  By definition, any time you are running  your application on the client side like this, you expose your application to reverse engineering.  There are tools available that allow unscrupulous developers to decompose the SWF file into its source code (typically FLA format).  This allows them to copy, edit, and do what they will with your code.

Although you can never protect yourself at 100% when running code in the client, there are solutions out there that let you to obfuscate and encrypt your SWF files that will thwart standard attempts at decomposition.

As a Flex developer I have searched through and tried many of the different tools out there and my preferred choice is SWF Encrypt from Amayeta. This allows you to encrypt pretty much any SWF file very quickly.  I have exposed my Flex enabled site to a security test by a third party that attempted multiple approaches to decompose my SWF with no luck.

If you are creating SWF files using the Flex SDK you may run into some errors after encryption.  If you do, set change the setting for “Encrypt Names” to “False” and it should work better for you.

SWF Encrypt Settings

Change "Encrypt Names" setting to "False" for Flex apps

There is a slight overhead in the encryption that results in a slightly bigger SWF file.  As an example, here is the result of the last Flex app that I encrypted using SWF Encrypt 6.0:

------------------------------------------------------ Encryption Completed Successfully! ------------------------------------------------------ Size Before Encryption: 679984 Bytes Size After Encryption: 753037 Bytes ------------------------------------------------------

For me this is an acceptable trade off for the peace of mind that comes with having a protected SWF online.

You can purchase SWF Encrypt through Crackednoodle’s affiliate links below:

Ushare No Longer Supported

I have been using UShare for years for all my Media Streaming needs. I just updated my system to Ubuntu 10.04 and installed Ushare. I could not see any media listed on my PS3. After doing some checking I found that with DLNA enabled in the Ushare config file. Ushare does not work at all. If you disable that setting Ushare once again works. I spent a couple of hours search for a solution. I did however find this  “By lack of spare time, motivation and interest, uShare development is currently discontinued (this may change though). Don’t expect release anytime soon 🙁” at

I could not get Ushare DLNA server working, no matter what I tried. So I started the search for a new solution.

I went through a lot of media servers until I found MediaTomb. It seemed to have everything I needed and got my streaming media back online quickly and easily.


Free TV and Movies for the PS3

When searching for video content on the web, I noticed a lot of sites don’t work on the PS3. The media sites either need a proprietary player or a new version of Flash. After trying Hulu (needed newer flash), ABC and NBC (both needed a proprietary player), I was having trouble finding any good sites with current TV shows that could play on the PS3.  I decided to find some sites I could use. Here is a list of sites that work on the PS3.

Read the full article at PS3 Media Servers.

Security or MPAA, Why Did Sony Update?

Sony says that the reason for removing the feature is “security reasons”. This is not the real reason that they are dropping the feature. Sony and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) have a very close and integrated relationship. With Linux installed on the PS3 you have the ability to use the PS3 to Rip Blu Rays. The MPAA has not been happy with this for quite some time. They have been putting pressure on many other hardware manufactures that have the ability to stream or copy DVDs and Blu Rays. This is just another example of the MPAA teaming up with other large companies to take away our rights.

Read the full article at

What’s New in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

Found this great article on the new Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx.

Ubuntu 10.04, aka Lucid Lynx, is the result of years of continuous work from the open source community and Ubuntu corporate sponsor Canonical. A new version of Ubuntu is released every 6 months, but version 10.04 is a special “long term support” (LTS) release which will be supported for an extended period on both desktops and servers. Lucid Lynx also brings us an incredible amount of changes in both the look and functionality of Ubuntu. Here is a list of the most noticeable changes and new features that you’ll find in desktop edition of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

Read the full article at

Keeping Your Family Safe Online

OpenDNS homeKeeping your family safe online can be a hard. There are some great tools out there, but you need one that is easy to use and cost effective

A great solution is OpenDNS. I have been using OpenDNS in my home for the last 2 years. It is easy to set up and works on your whole network and best of all it is free. OpenDNS has Award-winning OpenDNS Parental Controls that divides the Internet’s content into more than 50 categories. Simply choose your desired filtering level, from “High” to “Minimal,” and check a box. Your filtering preferences take effect in just minutes. Further customize your preferences by adding additional categories like “Social Networking,” “Hate” and “Gambling,” or individual Web sites like that are problematic or unsafe for your household. Also since using OpenDNS my computers have been virtual free of spyware!

What is DNS?

Networked computers use IP addresses to locate and connect to each other, but IP addresses can be difficult for people to remember. For example, on the web, it’s much easier to remember the domain name than it is to remember its corresponding IP address ( DNS allows you to connect to another networked computer or remote service by using its user-friendly domain name rather than its numerical IP address. Conversely, Reverse DNS (rDNS) translates an IP address into a domain name.

Open DNS Features:

Parental Controls

Keeping your family safe online has never been easier. OpenDNS gives you more than 50 filtering categories to choose from. Simply check the boxes of the categories you want to block and watch your filtering take effect within minutes.

Faster, More Reliable Internet
Rid your household of annoying, intermittent Internet outages. Switch to OpenDNS and immediately notice a faster, more reliable Internet experience. Join the millions who’ve already unbundled their DNS service from their ISP’s Internet connection.

Phishing Protection and Security
Take the guesswork out of identifying phishing Web sites with OpenDNS’s industry-leading anti-phishing service. We’ll tell you when the site you’re trying to visit is fraudulent.

OpenDNS Guide
Search results get you back on track when you mistype a URL or try to visit a site that’s down. Our smart “did you mean?” spelling suggestions help point you in the right direction, instead of showing you a hard-to-understand error page.

Map short and easy-to-remember terms to your favorite Web sites with OpenDNS Shortcuts. Set up personal Shortcuts that work just for you, or Network Shortcuts that work for everyone in your household.

Add your favorite image and a custom message to the OpenDNS Guide and blocked pages to personalize the feel of OpenDNS for your household. Use different messages for different pages.

Remember I said it was easy to set up? Here are the directions in a few Quick Steps:

  1. Create a free account, and confirm the email address.
  2. Go to the Settings tab.
  3. Add a network using your current IP address (displayed on the page).
  4. Click your new networks’s IP address to access its settings.
  5. Click “Advanced Settings” on the left.
  6. Check the box to “Enable dynamic IP update.” Be sure to apply your settings at the bottom of the page.
  7. Learn how to keep your address updated. If you don’t keep the IP updated, your preferences will not be applied, and your statistics will not be collected — though you will still be using OpenDNS

Here is the free software to keep you IP address updated.

Take a look at the easy how to videos from Open DNS

How to videos

Awards & Recognitions

see more awards…

Hope this helps to keep your family safe and virus free.


PS3 as a Media Server

The PS3 is more than just a game console it is the controller for all of your home media. will teach you how to utilize your PS3 to it’s full capacity.

Take a look at the PS3 media server guidethat will serve your data to the PS3 and the Media Server Comparison Chart.

There a huge amount of media server PS3 software out here we will help you make the right choices to pic out the best media server for ps3.

The best PS3 media server for you must run on your Linux, OSX, or Windows operating system. Media server software is becoming less complex to set up and much easier to use. There are also many free ps3 media servers out there for you to use.

Digital media servers are available  Linux, OSX, or Windows operating system. They are called DLNA servers.

Check out the full article at

DVD Playback for Ubuntu 10.04

DVD playback in Ubuntu has always been a little bit of a pain. Here is how to do it in a couple of easy steps.

First you need to make sure you have all the goodies that were not included in Ubuntu 10.04.

# sudo aptitude install ubuntu-restricted-extras

This will give you the codecs you need and some other goodies. Next you have to manually set up the ability to read DVDs.

# sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/

Now just pop in your DVD and you should be all set.

I am also working on my Things Ubuntu 10.04 Forgot Post. Look for it soon.


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