Ushare No Longer Supported

I have been using UShare for years for all my Media Streaming needs. I just updated my system to Ubuntu 10.04 and installed Ushare. I could not see any media listed on my PS3. After doing some checking I found that with DLNA enabled in the Ushare config file. Ushare does not work at all. If you disable that setting Ushare once again works. I spent a couple of hours search for a solution. I did however find this  “By lack of spare time, motivation and interest, uShare development is currently discontinued (this may change though). Don’t expect release anytime soon 🙁” at

I could not get Ushare DLNA server working, no matter what I tried. So I started the search for a new solution.

I went through a lot of media servers until I found MediaTomb. It seemed to have everything I needed and got my streaming media back online quickly and easily.


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