Ubuntu 9.10 to Xbox 360 Media Sharing

Like most people I have a couple TVs in my house. One of the TVs has the MythBox on it and the other has the Xbox 360. Now I keep all my movies on the MythBox (all legal backups of course). I wanted to play these on my Xbox on the other TV. I noticed that after the Xbox 360 dashboard update the Xbox saw my shared drive and I could browse to my media directories. When I tried to Play one of these I got some cryptic Microsoft error code. So I did a little research and found out that Xbox media streaming uses the DLNA protocol to receive content from a peer on a network. Great, does Linux have a DLNA protocol server, YES, it is called uShare.

Here are the easy steps to set it up.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ushare


Once finished, you’ll have uShare installed and ready for configuration. Out of the box, it won’t work for our purpose. You’ll need to edit /etc/ushare.conf to enable Xbox compatibility as well as define the standard port – 49200. Open /etc/ushare.conf as root and change the following lines:


Before these changes will take effect, you’ll need to restart ushare using its init script. However, an issue I’ve noticed is that the last line (’ENABLE_XBOX=YES’) does not always work. So before we restart uShare, we’ll need to make a small change to the init script that resides under /etc/init.d/ to force Xbox compatibility:

sudo vi /etc/init.d/ushare

and add the following line at the beginning of the script:


This tells uShare to start with Xbox compatibility. Now restart uShare using the init script:

invoke-rc.d ushare restart

Now you are finished. You may need to restart the Xbox. Now navigate to ‘My Xbox’ and then select ‘Videos’ and finally you should see ‘uShare’ at the bottom (computer icon). Selecting that will connect to your Linux box and you’ll be able to browse your media just as you would on your PC.

When I tried to play a xvid file it said I needed a download to play this file. I sure it was the codec, but it was free and worked great. Now I have another TV with a HD feed that can Play all the movies on my Media server.

This works with versions of Ubuntu back to 8.10 and Fedora 9,10 1nd 11. For Fedora you have to use yum not apt-get.


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  • Ben:

    Im having trouble with this, Ive gotten as far as configuring the ‘ushare.conf’ file.
    The next step adding the ‘USHARE_OPTIONS=-x’ didnt work out for me, so I decided to restart ushare with ‘invoke-rc.d ushare restart’ but i get the following error:

    * Stopping uShare UPnP A/V & DLNA Media Server: ushare start-stop-daemon: warning: failed to kill 1931: Operation not permitted
    [ OK ]
    start-stop-daemon: Unable to open pidfile ‘/var/run/ushare.pid’ for writing: Permission denied (Permission denied)

    Ive tried following this as closely as I can but no success.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Brad:

    Try sudo then the invoke-rc.d ushare restart
    # sudo invoke-rc.d ushare restart

    Also what version Ubuntu are you using. The USHARE_OPTIONS=-x goes at the beginning of the /etc /init.d/ushare script.

    That should take care fo the issues. Also if you are using Ubuntu 10.04 the DLNA part of the server appears to be broken. It will still serve to the 360 just not the PS3.

    If you have a PS3 take a look at http://ps3mediaservers.com/2010/05/19/mediatomb-linux-media-server/


  • Ben:


    Thanks for the response, I have a 360 so it should be alright, with the script where I put the USHARE_OPTIONS=-x line, where is the actual beginning?


  • Brad:

    You need to put that right after the first comment line. The comment lines are the ones that start with the #.


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